Debt Free Life

Our Goal

We endeavor to show our clients the Your Family Bank plan. Our clients can 

be an individual, a family, or any non-profit organization. We walk each client through a 7-step plan:

1. Provide KNOWLEDGE.  We teach our clients how to

  • Reduce the volume of interest they are paying to their lenders
  • Get out of debt in 9 years or less
  • Improve their cash flow
  • Decrease their taxes
  • Save for College
  • Retire with tax-favored income 

2. Redirect their CASH FLOW.  

   We show our clients how to track their money so they can control it.  

   We help them look for ways to save, and be more efficient with, their money 

3. Minimize DEBT to create additional wealth.  

  • Create a Financial Worksheet
  • Redirect expenditures 
  • Start the YOUR FAMILY BANK plan  

4. TAXES - We help our clients take a closer look.

   Future Tax Rate - What do you think?  Will taxes become lower, higher, or 

   stay the same?  The less you pay, the more you keep!

5. We discuss the RISKS we all face in life

   Don't lose a lifetime of work from potential risks such as taxes, inflation, 

   lawsuits, etc.

6. We help our clients get THE BIG PICTURE.

   Know where you are going, and how to get there. Our plans are designed 

   to address all three phases of retirement:  maximization, accumulation, and


7. Our clients make their DECISION. A goal without a plan is just a WISH

  • Complete Your Data Sheet
  • Analyze Your Data
  • Schedule the Big Picture meeting

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Are You Ready for Retirement

Are you 100% sure about your retirement, or do you have some doubt

Your Family Bank is specifically designed to help plan for retirement by becoming debt-free while saving for emergencies and emotional spending.


Have less stress about money

Find wasted money

Improve your cash flow

Dramatically increase your savings

Get out of debt faster than you ever thought possible

Learn how to prioritize

Retire with tax-favored income

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