About Us

Gisele White

Gisele's experience covers more than 30 years within the insurance and securities industry.  As a Registered Investment Representative and Registered Principle with PlanMember Securities Corporation, Gisele specializes in helping families accumulate assets and teach retirees how to conserve their assets so they can enjoy the lifestyle and independence they deserve.

Since 1984...

Gisele has directly assisted over Three Thousand families, helping them to get out of debt and plan for retirement and long term care.


Gisele is married and and has four grown children.  She lives in Apple Valley, CA and is active in politics and promoting healthy physical, spiritual, and financial way of life.

Your Family Bank

Gisele is excited about the new Your Family Bank plan designed to help individuals, families, and churches get out of debt in 9 years or less, including mortgage, without having to spend more than they already spend on their monthly bills.  She will explain in detail how the Your Family Bank process far exceeds any debt-elimination strategy on the market today and how it will help you take your financial goals to the next level.

Educational Workshops

The Wealth Preservation Advisors team presents a variety of educational workshops to help those interested in learning how to reduce the volume of interest they are paying to lenders, get out of debt in 9 years or less, improve their cash flow, decrease their taxes, save for college, and retire with tax-favored income.


Gisele offers online visitors the opportunity to take action today!  In our RESOURCES page you are free to use the debt and retirement calculators and gather other information that will get you started on the path of living a debt-free life!